energy consumption
*Source of the information: Journal “wwt“, issue 6/2007,
“The small sewage treatment plant as a sustainable solution, page 15, table 3, practice data“

**Values determined in the test field

New controls!

Ideal for small households!

Perfect sanitation!

New system:

The new Abeo small sewage treatment plant has been designed especially for capacities up to 12 inhabitants. The STBR principle (Short Time Batch Reactor), designed especially for this, processes the waste water in a flow-through process and achieves reliably the cleanness of cleaning class C.

A further advantage:

Existing multichamber pits can be modified quickly and sustainably. Fit for the future.

Super efficiency:

Abeo allows you to modernise your plant and permenantly achieve the required water quality with a precisely dosed energy supply. This gives you proven lower operating costs! An optimum of technology at a minimum of cost.

Just a sustainable decision

The Abeo small sewage treatment plant was developed by the same team of developers as the successful batchpur small sewage treatment plant technology. The principle of sustainability is valid also in this case. That a new technical plant can be operated with as little energy consumption as possible is part of the principle of sustainability, but also what efforts are necessary for the manufacture of the plant. Also here, the Abeo small sewage treatment plant absolutely leads the way:

  • The value adding chain is short: Developed in Germany. Manufactured in Germany. All components and spare parts are always in situ. Short transport routes to your installation location.
  • The high quality of the materials Good items last longer. Good items are cheaper in the long run. Fully recyclable materials. No composite materials in the container.
  • Zero energy consumption during installation: The Abeo installation set will be completely installed into the existing pit without building machines and building rubbish disposal. This also counts.
  • Best energy balance during operation: As the Abeo small sewage treatment plant does not need electric pumps and also the oxygen supply is optimally used, it is very efficient in the use of electricity and energy consumption compared with other systems. Low costs for maintenance. Low costs for the waste water rates. Simply reassuring in the long run.

Long-term thought through.

Quick installation:

You can quickly upgrade your old pit to the current state-of-the-art technique with just a few simple measures:

  1. Check the tightness of the old container
  2. Connect the control cabinet with the sewage treatment plant
  3. Insert Abeo into the pit
  4. Start-up Abeo

Lean back – and let it run. Just place it inside and ready.

Safety and reliability.

As soon as you are certain that the building substance of your existing sewage treatment plant is in a perfect state, you can have the Albeo installation set installed. You do not need any extensive modification measures compared with other systems. That is to say: There will be no building noise, dirt and rubble. Everything is carried out within a very short time and your specialist firm has made the existing pit ready for the future with Abeo.

It can easily and quickly be carried out.